What is DITEX?

  • DITEX was founded in 2008.
  • At the core is the DITEX Focus Group, a select group of 15 individuals who meet weekly to support one another in their efforts to transition to their next role.
  • Membership is by invitation.
  • The group is supported by Alumni, Partners, Sponsors and Hosts.
  • DITEX’s active members meet weekly at Host sites throughout the greater Denver metropolitan area.
  • StockSnap_3H21KUXVT4DITEX’s value added to our Host is in providing a “focus group” or “sounding board” to bounce off any relevant questions related to the IT ecosystem given our group’s executive level insight. Topics can include discussions of product road maps, go-to strategies, and market intelligence.
  • The Host’s value added to DITEX members is in professional networking, helping connect DITEX members to potential employers.
  • While based in the wider Denver metro area, our alumni have international reach. Many members are conducting job searches on a national or international scale.
  • DITEX has a private LinkedIn group for current members, alumni, and past hosts and sponsors. Current membership in that group is approaching 500 members.
  • DITEX hosts a quarterly social for current members, alumni, and past hosts and sponsors.

handshake-440959_1920Your organization can work with DITEX by:

  • Hosting a weekly meeting that gives direct access to the executive thought leadership.
  • Sponsoring a DITEX social event which gives broader access to the community.

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