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What is DITEX?

  • The mission of the Denver IT Executives Focus Group (DITEX) is to support a select group of transitioning information technology professionals who have previously served as Directors, Vice-Presidents, CIOs or similar level of scope of responsibilities to find and land their next Technology Leadership role.
  • At the core is the DITEX Active Group, a select group of 15 individuals who meet weekly to support one another in their efforts to transition to their next role.
  • The group is supported by community Alumni, Friends of DITEX Partners, Sponsors, and Hosts.
  • DITEX’s value added to our Host is providing seasoned, executive thought leadership to the technology / business community with pro bono expertise, insight, and recommendations.
  • Hosts add value to the DITEX active group by helping connect DITEX members to potential opportunities and provide introductions.
  • DITEX hosts a quarterly social for current members, alumni, past hosts and sponsors.

Your organization can work with DITEX by:

  • Hosting a weekly meeting that gives direct access to the DITEX executive thought leadership.
  • Sponsoring a DITEX social event, giving broader access to the community. Contact Us to be connected to sponsorship opportunities.

Contact Us: