Applying for Membership


Thank you for your interest in DITEX.  We are a group of IT executives focused on helping each other transition to the next IT opportunity under a “pay-it-forward” philosophy.  We meet weekly with local IT-related companies and encourage our host to use our group as a “brain trust” or “advisory board”. We conclude the meetings by sharing intelligence regarding job opportunities and helping each other getting connected to our networks. We subscribe to working in a spirit of “co-opetition” (collaborative competition). Unless you are bound by a confidentiality agreement you are expected to share information, including unpublished job opportunities, what questions you were asked at a job interview, and so on.

DITEX is limited to 15 active members at a time. In order to join the group as an active member and attend the weekly meetings you need to do the following:

  1. Read the Home and “About” pages of this web site to better understand our charter, so you get a good idea of our “pay-it-forward” philosophy.
  2. Go to the “Active Members and Coordinators” page and from there look at the professional LinkedIn profiles of our current members to get a feel for the current group’s composition.
  3. Download and read our Charter Document.
  4. Reflect on whether DITEX is for you:
  • Do you have the right experience for the group?
  • Are you a good networker and willing to share your connections?
  • Can you commit to our “pay-it-forward” philosophy, and are you willing to work in a spirit of “co-opetition”?

If you believe you could contribute to the group as an active member then:

  1. Download our New Member Biography Template. It is a template for you to provide your one page professional profile to help us, and future hosts, to get to know you.
  2. E-mail your completed template to our Membership Coordinator. We usually have a waiting list. Your place in the queue will be determined by the date we receive your bio. You will be contacted to set up interview meetings with two current DITEX members. These are intended to make sure you feel the group is a good fit for you and that you understand and can commit to our operating philosophy.

Once that process is successfully completed, we will contact you when an opening is created by an active team member graduating from the group. At that time we will provide you with other information for attending our meetings, get you added to our DropBox folder where we store shared files, and add you to Denver IT Executive Focus Group on LinkedIn.


When you do transition to your next opportunity, you become a DITEX Alumnus, and will have priority to rejoin the weekly meeting group if you happen to find yourself in transition again.  Alumni also help active members get their next opportunity, attend our quarterly social, and often host the focus group at their new company.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!