Welcome to DITEX!

DITEX is comprised of a set of rotating technology business leaders from the Front Range community who provide expertise, insight, and recommendations to their weekly business host.

These leaders have exited their last positions, and wish to contribute back to the community, find a productive outlet for their skill-sets, and discover opportunities to network more meaningfully.

The mission of the Denver IT Executive Focus Group is to support a select group of Information Technology professionals in transition, who have previously served as Directors, Vice-Presidents, CIOs or a similar level of scope of responsibilities, to obtain their next position in a like role.

The mission of each member is to help every other group member graduate from the group by supporting them in finding and landing a new position.

As active members secure employment, they become alumni of DITEX and continue to support active members.

See About DITEX for more information.

Our Core Values

Service – We place the needs of other group members ahead of our own. We leverage our strengths to strengthen group members. We make every effort to participate in scheduled group meetings, providing professional and moral support.

Abundance – We choose to operate with an abundance mentality. We believe there are enough roles available for everyone in the group and do not see each other as competitors for particular positions. We endorse several people from the group to submit for a role simultaneously in the spirit that at least someone from the group would land the role. We share all networking opportunities and job leads with group members in a timely fashion, as well as what we may learn in job interviews.

Partnership – We seek and work with partners outside our group who share our values and take the long-term view of professional relationships. We seek enduring professional relationships with other group members and partners that will span all levels of roles and promote the “pay it forward” model.

Volunteerism – We do not charge for group membership, nor do group coordinators receive any payment for their service.

Confidentiality – We exercise the utmost in confidentiality for partnerships, data and content in the group. We have a trusted advisor role with open sharing in our partner relationships and within the group, and do not share information without permission.